Knowledge brokering

SHEAR knowledge brokering supports knowledge synthesis, exchange and uptake

SHEAR's knowledge broker has been established to ensure that the knowledge generated by the programme's research projects supports effective learning across and beyond the programme, building a sustainable and high impact legacy of the projects' findings. Our goal is to share knowledge with our colleagues in the humanitarian and scientific communities in ways that are useful to your work and help to strengthen resilience to hazards around the world.

The knowledge broker is run by Practical Action Consulting and Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre, who are co-investigators in the main SHEAR research projects in Asia and Africa respectively.

We are working to ensure that the programme maximises the impact and legacy of its research by facilitating and managing the synthesis, dissemination and uptake of knowledge generated by the projects.

We do this in three key ways.

 Knowledge exchange within SHEAR

We facilitate the exchange of knowledge and learning within the SHEAR programme, ensuring the primary investigators in the SHEAR consortia, the programme executive board (PEB) overseeing the programme and the donors supporting the programme are kept updated of progress and key findings arising from the research, maximising opportunities for cross project learning and collaboration.

 Bringing external knowledge into SHEAR

We also channel external expertise into the consortia to support SHEAR researchers to access and utilise cutting-edge knowledge in their fields. The team identifies relevant themes, initiatives and actors to seek out complementary experience and insight and shares this with the SHEAR programme. This may take the form of synopses of literature, webinars or presentations.

We would be delighted to hear about your work in this field, and to share your experiences and findings with the SHEAR programme. Please get in touch with us to talk about how we can work and learn together.

 Supporting outreach and uptake of SHEAR knowledge

We focus on getting the scientific knowledge and evidence produced by the SHEAR research consortia into use in policies and programmes of governments, practitioners and funding agencies. To do this, we focus on amplifying knowledge and evidence beyond our direct spheres of influence through various different communications channels and spaces for learning and dialogue. We facilitate a series of webinars bringing together experts to discuss relevant topics, share SHEAR news and resources via a monthly newsletter, as well as identify and coordinate opportunities to disseminate SHEAR findings at key international events.

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